Remove post please.

Didn’t work out well.

Srry :confused:

Most hosts tend to have this solution built in these days.

Or you can get a free one with a front end GUI from here

Shepsie, I tried those for awhile ago and they did not work. After awhile I got the activation email and when I set it up, the download speed was very slow.

And it is hosted in the UK. Mine is hosted in the US.

The availability of the link above seems unstable.

Shepsie, Domain is getting DDoS:ed. FTP works just fine.

Fast download doesn’t use ftp to get files though.

Shepsie, No but I’m pretty sure it will take awhile for the guy who just contacted me upload everything to the FastDL.

So you can host your files for FastDownload but not actually use them for FastDownload.

As I said, this is out of my hands, I can’t do anything against that DDoS. This will work just fine very soon.

DDoS attacks aren’t limited to an amount of time. When it stops, it could start right back up again 2 minutes later.