fastdownload requirements?

So I’ve just recently swapped from my old fastdownload server to my new one, and both contain exactly the same files… but my new one just doesn’t work.

I currently have the following in my server.cfg:
sv_downloadurl “

Yeah type sv_downloadurl in console to see if it’s set

If you’ve more than a couple custom models you’d be better off hosting it on workshop and building a “Download content” button into your MOTD.

Stops the people with slow connections raging and not even trying your server out before the content as downloaded.

It’s true that Workshop downloads are faster.

Would be good if Garry implemented GMA fastdownloading or something.

Yeah, typing sv_downloadurl in console gives me the correct url

Thanks, this is actually a really good idea. Only issue I can see though, is those people who just click out of the MOTD asking why they’re seeing a bunch of errors constantly.

Take out the / at the end.

Then reply with “Type !MOTD ya silly tools” or whatever you assign the command to.

We have this ugly window in the top right show up for 120 seconds when you first join:’s_Mod_2013-06-30_13-19-33.jpg

I just noticed some terrible grammar in there, but you get the idea.

That’s actually a really good idea. I will be sure to do that… but at the same time I also really rely on fastDL.

I’m not sure if it has magically started working or not… but it seems some of the materials have started downloading now. I require this, because my HUD uses a custom image/material which looks horrible without the download, and drives away players. Another reason as to why fastdownload is required is for my servers map. Players more then likely wont go out and download the map just to try our server, and it uses a lot of bandwidth to download a map from the server (as well as a lot of time).

Does anybody know if there is really any way to test to see if the fastdownload server is actually working or not?


as long as sv_downloadurl is set, and it shows it when you type it in the console, it works. there’s no program you can use if that’s what you mean. if you acn check how much bandwidth your webserver uses, make sure all the files are on the sv_download page, delete them from your gmod, then connect, then check if the bandwidth increased a lot.

We have a car dealer that uses materials for the gui. However it seems to screw up for very very few people, they just don’t get the materials. As in 1/100 etc.

That 1% have probably disabled custom downloads in their options

Yeah but what I was doing, was removing my HUD materials from my local gmod directory, and connect to the server to see if it would download. When having sv_downloadurl set to my previous fastdl it would work, but then when I changed it to the new one it wouldn’t.

Now the materials are being downloaded… but I’m not sure whether or nothing they’re coming from the new fastdl server or just the server itself. (This part is kind of important as I’m on limited bandwidth)

As I said before, it’s not working because you added a / at the end, try removing it