Faster compile time?

I’ve recently been working on some mapping techniques to enhance visual lighting (mostly lightmap) and came across an issue of a slow compile time. I AM aware that a smaller lightmap will cause the compile time to increase! After completing a “T” shaped room I added a few props, and checked for issues in the compiler…16 minutes and 4 seconds. Compared to the size of the room that’s a horrible compile time…but when I added another another hall (now its “I” shaped) the compile time was 8 minutes and 48 seconds!

I’m not complaining but how does that happen? There isn’t any issue in the compile log, and the map (to me) looks good.

The compile time became faster after another section of the map was added

You could try optimizing your map.

So you want vrad to compile faster?

Try optimizing your lightmaps, some surfaces may not need lower scales compared to others. Other than that, I don’t know about speeding up vrad compiles.

I meant that my compile time became faster after the extra hall was added…and I have no idea how it happend