Faster Crafting via a "Crafting Table"

Obviously they should name it something else to avoid the whole “Minecraft copy” issue. But they should make it where you craft a craftingtable with wood planks and some metal fragments and that would enable you, as long as you are next to the table using it, to craft faster. I don’t know, just random thinking.

Maybe just name it a workbench? And also I think this is a good idea: D

For your info, work tables and work benches are quite common in the real world. It’s not something Notch invented when making Minecraft. Ergo, using the same name is not a problem.

i like the idea, than u walk only slow for less crafting time, and if u are not near u can still craft, only it will take longer.

(sorry for my terrible grammar)

Why does it matter if Minecraft used “Crafting Table” already? Words aren’t copyrighted, so they could name it whatever they want.

It’s actually being worked on :slight_smile:

You said that many weeks ago :frowning:

Shit takes time to develop, Tmryuu, and I doubt that this kind of building/item/mechanic takes priority…

Everything that is worthwhile to add and that will increase the happiness in players and the developers will be put in hopefully soon. This is still an early alpha, and there’s so much potential for this game.