Faster dragging and dropping?

Pretty simple question. Just wondering if there’s a way I can get the items from another person’s inventory faster than dragging and dropping. I can count dozens of times where I’ve died because of taking too long grabbing items.

Sadly, not yet (ever?). I think they are implementing a way to automatically equip weapon/armor or some items in the hotbar, and a way to select multiple items.

Right now, you should focus on the essential, and having some wood barricades on you when fighting is a plus, it can cover you while you loot (just check the bag, if there is something worthy, put the wood barricade and start looting).

They are implementing a way to simply click on the item and it will go into your inventory I think, correct me if I am wrong:downs:

That’s the point.

There used to be a “loot all” button, but it was removed in order to make you more vulnerable while looting someone/something.

Rust isn’t about making you safe.

Thats why they are working on ui to fix this issues?


Yep, no such things from what I know.

But there would be a way to auto equip armor/weapons.

yeah i thought what he said wasnt true