faster garrys mod loading

im sick of garrys mod loading

it takes forever

It takes 10-15 minutes to load the main screen then 10 more minutes to load the level the works fine.

how do i decrease the loading time?

Remove the 100+ addons you downloaded.

i did
still slow

delete garrysmod/garrymods folder

then your computer must suck ass, or you have a fuckton of programs running in the background, I.E. Internet explorer, Itunes, shit like that.

troll much?

It takes some loading time to: Retrieve server data, like all of the settings of the server, load the map, download files, and send your player data to the server (So they know if your IP is banned or not, or if you have some personal settings there, like in RP, and what kind of stuff you have).

Don’t worry, it’s normal loading time for everyone here too. I personally want it shorter too :frowning:

That will never happen