Faster Late Game Resource Gathering (Wood!)

I’m sure this is coming, but I think we need faster resource gathering for mainly wood in the late game (chainsaw!). The amount you need increases, but you’re stuck with a metal hatchet and the game becomes a tree chopping simulator!

I’d prefer a co-operative tool such as bow saw were 2 people can grab a handle each and cut a tree much faster.

Solo is hard enough without giving them another disadvantage like a bone saw. I think they just need to add a very high tier hatchet that requires like 300 metal frags 300 stone 300 wood and you get like 40 per chop.

No hatchet, an axe. A proper axe made for hacking down trees. As slow as the pickaxe but gathers as much. Maybe even make it so that hatchets (small axes for one handed use) are better for smaller trees and the big axes for the big ones. Kinda unnecessary but realistic.

I want a horse or donkey that can pull the tree back to my sawmill.

Pretty please.

Go down to howie’s section, he talks about continuing work on automated resource gatherers. Should be really neat having an oil derrick in your front yard getting your resources while you smack skulls together.

This already exists, it’s called the salvaged axe.

Which is totally worthless because of the high cost.