Fastest VAC ban ever?

Posted by someone on the Steam forums. 0.8 hours that’s… just under 50 minutes. :downs:

Not quite an hour for £15

Probably an alt of someone if they were banned that fast.

Shouldn’t have cheated, lol. Must have gotten caught at the ass end of a VAC ban wave.

Is there a way to view when they actually got Rust? I was thinking that it could be a case where they had the game a while but have such a low play time as they just could never get those “cheats” working correctly.

i got banned from my own server tht i bought how do i fix it

Rust was purchased hours ago.

First step is not to post about it here.

Write every supporter here a private message, if nobody anwser you write Garry a message.


You have to buy another server, then log in to your other server from that server, open the F1 console and type:


Not if they’re Cheatpunch/VAC banned.

They aren’t, and they made themselves a new thread as well. Ignore them in here.