Fastest Way to Download Player Models from Server to Client

Hey guys,

What’s the fastest method for downloading player models to clients from your server? I’ve joined servers with 20+ player models and it only takes me about two minutes to download. Yet when I added 10 player models to my server which would be downloaded straight from the website, it takes clients on average 10 mins or just over to download everything.

What’s the secret?!


You probably have really fat playermodels :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness, your webhost query speeds could be slow, what webhost are you using?

I use nfo’s provided webhost. It’s pretty fast from what I’ve heard. Would it be faster to do “skinny” (:P) player models instead?

Yea ones with less detail in the mdl and materials

My gordon freeman model is pretty damn fat

Ok, so is there a way that I can make clients download all the collection items? Can I use resource.addworkshop( “[id of my colletion]” )? Or would that not work at all?

No that wouldn’t work. I believe someone provided a code some time that would manually grab all the workshop ID’s in the collection and download them but that’s way beyond me. If you can find it, bravo, if not you have to add them all manually.

Workshop is fantastic because you can download tons of files within one file.

With FastDL, you download each file individually, and for each file the client must create and establish a connection, grab the file, terminate / close the connection… A model consists of about 7 files, not including textures which are 2 files each ( and a model can use one to many plus for skins )