Fastest way to see whether a server update is available?

Hello. Where am I able to see, whether a new Server update is available. I dont want to check this with Steam Update because of the door lock bug.

Door Lock Bug is the developers’ changelog.

However, unless you enable the development branch and play on development-build servers, you won’t get them right away. The default branch is updated when the developers update it manually; a couple times a week, currently. The development branch is updated as soon as the developers upload the new build to Steam. This means the development branch will almost always be incompatible with normal servers because they’re up to a week ahead in updates.

OK. I am talking about the Default branch Server. I have a running Default branch Server (rented). I know the twitter rustupdates, but I dont recongnized the message when the Default branch Server is updated.

Aren’t updates handled by your server host? You can add -autoupdate to your server launch command, but there’s something very important to know about that.

Adding -autoupdate means that the server will check for updates periodically. If it finds an update, it will download the update, shut down the server, and then apply the update. And it will not restart on its own. You will need to have your server auto-restart with something on your end. If you were running the server on your own computer at home, I would link to examples of batch scripts that watch for the server to shut down and start it back up, but I have no idea what options are available to you on your rented hosting.

Contact your host for specific information on that.

I am able to click on Steam Update with Server host Tool. But, when i do that it makes following:

  1. stop Server
  2. check for update
  3. updating or not
  4. start Server

So I dont want to restart the Server without the reason to have a Server update, because of the door lock bug mentioned above means a Server restart= have to wipe.

I like to find out the current Server Version I have on the rented Server and the current Version of Server (Default branch) available to check before i try an update (=Server restart=wipe).

Sorry for my bad english. i hope you understand.

Well, you could use SteamCMD to install a server locally, since anyone can access the dedicated server files now. You wouldn’t be using this server to actually host players, but you could use it to see if there are updates, and if so, what version the server is.

If your Steam client downloads an update for Rust, 99% chance the server also got an update.

Read this thread for more information on running the server yourself. Also, this is slightly out of date (don’t put -beta experimental into the SteamCMD command), but worth reading.

OK, Thank you very much for the support.

this is where is check to see if updates are out

you can click on the Depots “tab/link”, and see which version (legacy, public or development) was updated with a new Build ID

Edit: and the Public is always highlighted green. so that does not reflect which branch was updated last.