Fastest way to upload mods, V.I.A FTP?

I’m trying to upload wiremod to my build server, and it says it would take 24 days and 15 hours to do. (This was with the standard windows ftp server.) So is there a faster way I can install it?

Get a faster internet connection. Otherwise, contact the host and ask them to install it. Your internet connection is the reason its taking so long to upload, because I doubt the host has a shitty download speed.

I rented my server though,

ok i sent you a pm but im going to backup what the other dude said. If you did rent a server from clanbaselive like i think. Then yes its your internet connection thats slow.

-Ask your host to do it.
-Use another FTP program that supports multiple connections
-Break into multiple parts

As this gentleman and squire said: ask your host to do it :wink:

Many decent Garry’s Mod hosts are more than happy to install big stuff for you.

Ignore my post =(

Try using Filezilla
Also upload wire and Adv duplicator folders first then do the models later… Without the models Wire would (Should?) work but it would have a few issues with collisions and things as the server would not know anything about the models.

As the above said, filezilla. It can upload 2 files at once and uses max bandwidth for fastest upload speeds around. Few others can perform this feat. And if you know what your doing, you can increase the uploads active at once from 2 to 10 as I have heard.


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