FastMaid - A new utility for FastDownload

Hey there all you server managers out there. I’ve been managing a server for some time now, and I get really tired of having to manually hunt through my fastdownload folders to bz2 some new files that I added. Today, I’ve had a breakthrough, and have finished version 1 of FastMaid. FastMaid is a recursive program that finds all non bz2’ed files, and zips them. So now, you can take all of the new addons you want to install on your server, put them into a seperate folder, run FastMaid and send them on their merry way.

The files and folders will keep their structure - all you have to do is upload your new zipped files! I would like to note that it does delete your original files, so DON’T JUST RUN THIS IN YOUR ADDONS FOLDER. You’d find that you’re lacking any addons you had. It can also go through and delete any files not bz2’ed in the same way that it zips them (recursively) - so if you have some files that are zipped and others that aren’t, you can just delete all of the ones that aren’t zipped and replace them with any newly zipped files you have.

You’ll need to have Java (most likely the latest version). If you play Minecraft or pretty much do anything on the internet, you’re covered. If you don’t have it, grab it here:

When cleaning, it also removes all .svn folders (something else that bugged me) so you don’t upload as much data. This is good news for those who have slow internet connections! It does take some time to run through everything, especially if you have large files (i.e. maps) this is beyond my control (It is the implementation of bz2, which Apache has so graciously made open source). So run it and let it go for a while in the background (I think SB3 took me 3 or so mins to completely crank out). While it runs, why don’t you grab a drink and play some GMod? Oh, and it’s open source, so you can modify and distribute it as you wish (just follow the legal info).

And with that, I give you the download link:

If you just want to run it, grab the compiled jars zip - if you want to see the source, grab the source zip.

This was all a labor of love, I would love to hear some feedback from you guys to see how it works. I’m considering seeing if it’s possible to do it to remote folders. (Presently, it can only run on your computer - thus the separate folder interim step described above)

Enjoy, and happy managing! I hope to see lots of these -
(Also, I wasn’t sure that this was the best place for this - if it has to be moved, could a mod please do so?)

Something else i’m looking at for v2 would be allowing the user to change the block size for the compression algorithm. One setting for max compression, one setting for max speed, another that might be somewhere in the middle.

Oh! forgot to mention - this works for any source game, not just GMod.

Just added threading into FastMaid - now it goes much faster, but i’m still working on it not using 100% of your processor. At present, I’ve had it either go slower or take up all of your processing power.

Out of curiosity, is there a way to set the compression level? I currently have one that does this same thing except runs at compression level 9 (max)

Right now, it’s set at the default compression level (I think it’s 9) that the apache implementation is at. In the future I may allow the user to change this. Right now, I’m working on threads. It runs a lot faster, until it hits the memory maximum and slows way down. Know of any workaround to this?