Fat Princess (psasbr model and textures)

posting this here if anyone cares to fix it’s textures since it’s he last character from the beta that hasn’t been released and i couldn’t figure out how to fix it myself so feel free. no one really cares to help with hardly anything, there are those few people that attempted to and i appreciate those, but basically on here after signing up has been a complete waste of time and accomplished nothing that i was trying to, so i won’t be using facepunch very often if at all anymore, i will still be doing the requests i said i would do for people who messaged me through PM, but any future models or gmod ragdolls i obtain or make myself will all be for personal use or for close friends from then on.

UVBuff = rapi.rpgBindUV1BufferOfs(vertbuff, noesis.RPGEODATA_HALFFLOAT, 16, 12)
rapi.rpgBindPositionBufferOfs(vertbuff, noesis.RPGEODATA_FLOAT, 16, 0)

The download link is not working.