Fatal Error when loading EP2 in SDK

Hello everyone!

I’m having this issue with hammer editor, this issue seems to be very persistent with me.

[[ Failed to load the default scheme file. The map may be missing some visual elements. ]]

I’ve just recently updated EP2 to be in the steampipe update so it would mount with my gmod. I’m guess that just like CSS, ep2 is no longer working in sdk. BUT I could be wrong. Any ideas?

That’s your problem.

…Damnit gaben!

Thanks! c:

(User was banned for this post ("Image macro" - MaxOfS2D))

(User was banned for this post ("Image Macro" - Asaratha))

Until Valve fixes the SDK (<- bwahahaha), there is a workaround:

Open the gameinfo.txt of EP2 (…\Steam\steamapps\common\half-life 2\ep2\gameinfo.txt) and look for the line “SteamAppId 420”. Add the line “ToolsAppId 211” in the next paragraph.
Have fun.

If you did the above and it still does not work, reinstall episode 2, and see if this has fixed the problem.

If I’m not mistaken, isn’t there a beta SDK update you can opt into where instead of launching an SDK you just launch hammer.exe from the Steampipe directory you’re mapping in?

I recall some people having trouble with it like skybox textures being visible on compile so is it just considered more trouble than it’s worth?

Not with EP2. Only DOD:S, CS:S, and TF2 have those betas.

That helped, thanks! :smiley: