So i try to start source hammer and i get this message. While it was working fine yesterday

And i only get the main menu wallpapers for the textures.

Yep. Same here, must of had something to do with the gmod update. Which I’ve yet to figure out what to re-config

The Hammer in the garrysmod mod BIN folder is working just fine, if you use any other hammer css or hl2 check your configs

This one always shall be used :smiley:

This error has happened to everyone using the hammer.exe file from Source Multiplayer 2013. For some reason or another, that hammer.exe could be outdated. As looking in the recent update notes, Team Garry has been directly supporting the hammer.exe found in the garrysmod folder. So it’s best to use that anyway.

Solution: Reconfigure Hammer with using the hammer.exe found in the garrysmod/bin folder.

For those who don’t know how to do that. Watch the video below, but use the “garrysmod” folder instead of the Source SDK Base Multiplayer 2013… and don’t worry about the gameinfo.txt bit. That’s been sorted by Team Garry for a while now.