Fatal error

I got this error-message now when i was about to start maping after re-instaling my computer it says : Missing material´editor/wireframe´. Go to tools | Options | Game Configurations and verify that your game directory is correct

Please help me

Have you actually tried that?

Also, Reset Game Configurations in the SDK or just create a new game config.

i tried to put in the directory manualy but when i came to /program (x86) there was no steam folder in the browser, but i know i have it installed and i use it every day so i wonder why it doesnt show up

Locate your Steam shortcut on your desktop or start menu -> right-click -> Properties -> look at the directory path

Reset Game Configurations.

i have looked up the directory path and its says
C:\Program Files (x86)

but i still cant find it

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hmm… the problem only apears on the 2006 version of Hammer not in the 2009