Fatal exploit that instantly floods a server.

Player issued command but is now vanished (Command was "") 

I’ve seen this happen before, but didn’t think much of it as it wasn’t happening constantly.
I’ve just found out this is an intentional exploit. There’s one person who keeps changing his IP and joining my server.
As SOON as he starts connecting this is flooded into the console and the server is instantly frozen. There’s no way to stop him as he can just change his IP and I haven’t been able to get his SteamID as it
blocks up the console completely.

Anyone have any info or fixes for this?
I’ve tried detouring _R.Player.ConCommand both serverside and clientside to attempt to block the empty commands, but I’ve had no luck.

This is causing me to lose tons of players and there’s literally nothing I can do about it besides continue to ban his IP after he changes it & call his ISP and complain.

Have you checked your addons? This is not a default message.

This is happening on even my server with just 1 addon and a custom gamemode.

This is a default message.

Does one happen to be ULX?

Ah, yes I forgot I just installed ULX to this server.

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I’m talking to a ULX developer now. I’m sure we’ll have this solved within the hour like we did with the last exploit like this.

Thanks for helping me see the obvious again, code_gs!

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It appears it’s an engine exploit, not a ULX one.

So I guess I can just kiss my community goodbye, I doubt the Garry’s Mod dev(s) will fix this.

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SORTA found the issue.
He’s using an exploit Leystrku found to connect to 1 server multiple times with only 1 copy of Garry’s Mod
I have no idea how it’s done, but that’s what’s happening.

God damn, I can’t keep up with the amount of exploits these skids are finding.

tl;dr: this game is broken and there’s nothing we can do

This is also happening

If only I knew who was doing that or why it was happening…

shouldnt ddos people cause ur mad then

Well that’s probably the guy that’s doing it.
Of course I get accused of DDoSing, that’s cool I guess.

Keep making up fake justifications for what you or your buddies are doing.
All you’re doing is destroying my gaming community & ruining player’s fun by taking down my garry’s mod servers.

Go outside, do something besides destroy shit online. What’s the difference between DDoSing and exploiting a server anyways?

Tyler calling people skids. Lol.

Did you really call ley a skid, lmao.
unlike you, he actually knows how to code.

nobody’s going to help you if you sperg out like a mongoloid.

I said Leystryku found the exploit & gave it to skids.

Tyler put this on himself by being a sperglord. He just gets owned in HvH and whines in the form of a ban.

It is actually. The message is found inside some of the gmod engine files. This is not addon related at all. It’s more likely caused by some kind of manipulation of game traffic confusing the engine.


This game is dead. The community is nothing like it used to be.

Have fun ruining everything.

“Yeah I cry over a video game so what?”

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16 assless years must have been getting to you, huh tyler?

This isn’t just about a game you ignorant fuck. I’ve spent over a year building this gaming network and it’s being raped and destroyed by ignorant jackasses like you.
“Yeah, I destroy someone’s hard work because i have nothing better to do so what?” - Almost everyone in this thread

Ignorant jackasses, huh?

Alright, let me recap for you since you forgot.

You chargebacked Leystryku to “pay for your server.”
You got owned by Leystryku.
You cried for help to Leystryku.
You DDoSed Leystryku.
Ley and I left you alone because you stopped the chargeback.

I never DDoS’d Leystryku.