fatal frame 1 & 2 models

there is a way to extract models of Miku Hinasaki ( fatal frame 1 )

and Mio & Mayu ( Fatal Frame 2 ) ?


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I tried but no success :open_mouth: I ask to more expert if its possible, its hard to rip models by ps2

rippers won’t work with PCSX2, you have to use a certain plugin and texmod i don’t remember what they were called now, but i could never fix the textures anyways after i got any models, i think these or 1 of them at least is a trophy in SSB4 though

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and yes Mio and Mayu are in ssb4, idk if they’re on the models resource already or not, but those can be gotten easier (for me anyways)

aw :frowning: i have seen more models by FF4 than FF1,FF2,FF3 :frowning:

off course models of FF4 are more easy to rip by Wii ( more easy to hack )

its a pity because Miku,Mio & Mayu are the most cool chara of FF serie :frowning:

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there is Wii edition of Fatal Frame 2, I am wondering because there arent Mio & Mayu models like FF4 Wii models.

Mio and Mayu are trophies on super smash bros for wii u, not on wii, but i can get those, i just can’t get PS2 models correctly


its possible modify the trophie and separate them to make 2 separate models ?

there is fatal frame 2 Wii edition, maybe its possible extract them like models of FF4 Wii edition

will this help?

this one below does not have a dl link yet but it might be worth keeping an eye on if you cant find the model els ware

yes, they can be separated, and the wii version should work, basically anything from Gamecube or Wii is pretty easy to get models from

so nice models :slight_smile: I dream model of Miku Hinasaki a day too, maybe that there will be a special edition of first FF in same anniversary event of TECMO :slight_smile: