Fatal Frame 4 models

Here are the girls of fatal frame 4
I made some normal maps and spec maps for most of them
I still need to rip the guy and all his costumes.


All models are in OBJ format.
Tecmo, Grasshopper Manufacture

Hmm the zero suit actually looks pretty decent.

Face and fingers pose ?


these arent ragdolls they are just models so your ganna have to do a bit more leg work for your nude hack…

Kimonos and Zerosuit. Git 'er done.

That’s abit harsh, plasmid.

Not everything evil-ash make’s are nude hacks.

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doesnt he?

I havent seen much else XD just joking fun.

Well there is that one harlequin.

But I think we all wanted that nude.

Nice share plasmid, however in the samus model there’s error in the groups. :slight_smile: the hands uvs are mixed whith those of the body…

thats not a error I welded them so there isnt a seem you just have to select the polies of that arm and apply the arm texture



What exactly you said you have done?

Edit: the arm and the body are in one group…

like I just said, go to the model select the polies of the arm, not in the UV but on the model and apply the texture simple
just in case you dont get it heres a picture

You don’t know the half of it. :frowning:

Oh well. I’m sorry. I’m not familiar whith 3d max. :slight_smile: Blender and milk shape 3d only. Thanks for pointing how to do this in max. :stuck_out_tongue: (Well I menaged to do it in blender)

WHAT? I’m shocking! What do you are going to imagining?



sorry, I’m a bit of a noob, but where do I put the files

(also, doesn’t specify where)

try reading the comments above you.

These models are not for Garry’s Mod. They’re regular models that need to be imported.

oh sorry :pwn: I thought that they hadn’t been imported yet… anyways, nice work