Fatal Frame

I know this would be a very Difficult thing to ask, but im looking for any Fatal Frame models if someones good enough to port from ps2 games, and or Original Xbox. Mainly i want the main characters and the main Villain ghosts

Fatal Frame 1
Miku Hinasaki - http://media.giantbomb.com/uploads/1/14523/343059-fatal_frame_1_miku_flashlight_large.jpg

Kirie - http://ui26.gamespot.com/2105/kiriescan_2.jpg http://cameraslens.com/fatalframewiki/images/b/bb/Kiriebio.png

Fatal Frame 2
Mio and Mayu Amakura - http://media.photobucket.com/image/fatal%20frame%20mio/ambaaaaaa/fatal_frame_2_crimson_butterfly_lar.jpg

Sae Kurosawa - http://www.cameraslens.com/images/dev/render/ff2/4.jpg

and for the hell of it beacuse there creepyer then insert random offensive word to fight, the Twins - http://quizilla.teennick.com/user_images/C/CA/CAN/CANDYBRIANZ/1235748069_5357_full.jpeg

Fatal Frame 3
Rei Kurosawa - http://gzrock.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/fatal-frame-3-ost.jpg
Miku Hinasaki - http://ps2media.ign.com/ps2/image/article/602/602745/rei-3-20050408115738992_640w.jpg

Reika - http://foro.cemzoo.com/picture.php?albumid=11484&pictureid=257210

I know its a difficult challenge but i know theres some people out there who like that

Yo, i can’t help you, but i support your idea of making a port model from fatal frame games… Let’s just wait untill someone kind enough to make those models. I’m a fan of fatal frame too you know.

I dont think it can be done, cause no one that I have heard of has ripped the models from the ps2, but I also support this

Mario was able to rip model from Resident evil Dead aim that was a Ps2 exclusive, but hes no longer a part of the community here. Rusty and Dsdxp have ported from Resident evil outbreak files one and two but they are currently busy doing other projects at the moment

mario only ripped a few parts of the game, you would have to emutilate it and rip the models with dx ripper, wait can you emutalate fatal frame with the current emutalator?

I ripped a scene from the first fatal frame or project zero as its known here, however being on vista doesn’t help but yes it can be ripped from think I used v 9.4 think the newest version of pcsx2 is v 9.6

the new dx rippers work for vista nicely im on a vista as well and got a lot of stuff, but I dont have fatal frame to rip from

well can you do it?ripping models from the game means you have to buy the game right? downloading the game might be the best way, but it takes too long.

warez XD cant do it that way, and that game would be a little hard to find in a store

man… T_T so that means no models for gmod from fatal frame?

Well I saw some sims 3 recreations of the characters. You might try grabbing those instead.

Hmm, i remember seeing those Sim Models, it could be something to mess with as of now. And i agree with plasmid that its hard to find the games but i got lucky and found 1 and 2 at a pawn shop and bought them both. but actually GameStop i talked to them, and they try and have copy’s of these games. there apparently requested enough for them to be bought off there website. Id try and do these myself…but that ripper hates me, and i have no experience in skeletons. But i thank you guys for the support on this, i never expected anyone to reply and really im happy to see people who care enough to make there own Gmod Horrors come true.

And dont forget, there are also X-box versions of 1 and 2 which i own, in case it may be easier to rip from.

Yep, i’m with you buddy,i’m a fan of the game too you know. And i have the ps2 version of 2 and 3,but i can’t rip them since my pc spec’s way too low and i don’t know how to rip either. And i also requested FF 4 models, but no one replied, let alone support. Well, i’m out of luck… Let’s just wait till someone ripped them. Sorry i can’t be much help :stuck_out_tongue: