BTW click the image

Post what you think C & C etc. etc.

He dead

Naw he’ll walk it off.

looks good

i like what you did with the head

Ti’s only a flesh wound

The severed head, sub-zeros slit throat, or raidens electrosplosion?

who is the robot Take Sub-zero…

Actually no, those will be answered whenever sub-zero pops up again.

Probably not for a bit if all goes as planned.

PS: Next komic has Scorpion and US marines.

What the fuck Scorpion is dead

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I see what you did thar

Well yeah, he got hit by a train.

Oh wait, do you mean about him being in the next issue/komic? Oh yeah, did i mention that whenever he dies he just goes back to hell and he can rise again?

you are Evil!

“Come on, kid. Use your head!”

not a good time to lose one’s head

All your screenshots are sceneless. Black backgrounds, I don’t particularly like it. Seems very lazy.

Well its an image linking to an image.

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Ill keep it in mind next time though.

That makes sense, I never click on my images. I always assume they direct to the image hosting’s site (for example if people link from filesmelt and click on the picture hosted by filesmelt, it will open filesmelt.com in a new window)

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there’s a comic section, you know

Yeah i know, but, i dont like posting there, its kinda empty and deserted.

Mostly cause of the constant trolling it recieved.