Fate/Stay Night Model Problems T.T

Im a total nub at this and i was wondering if it is possible to port over models from a .pmd file to a .mdl/.smd file So i can compile it?

Ive found the model and got it into blender but when i try to export it as a .smd i get errors.
(http://mikudance.info/models/others/links.html The model im looking at is Tohsaka Rin (the version 3.0) under fate/stay night.)
I would like to learn how to do this if it is possible.
(And btw im trying to make it into a playermodel)
Ty- Boxedin123

of course it can be compiled, just not as it is now. if you posted the error it might help people who are familiar with blender tell you what your issue is.