Father Grigori Prays for those in Ravenholm

Lord, hear our prayer. :v:
Thought I would also make a nice catholic priest outfit for the screenshot.

I might put the reskin on Garrysmod.org if anyone wants it, there seem to be a lack of reskins of Grigori.

Is he floating on the sand?

I need to find a way to fix that.

Aside from that, I like the sunset and the Model.

He’s leaning to the right a bit. It’s a nice model, but I think it’d work better in some dark, sheltered place in Ravenholm.

Yeah, at first I wanted to put him in Ravenholm, but then I was thinking what if he escaped after he helped Freeman get away? He found some deserted island and now spends his time in solitude. Now he’s looking back at all the hell he saw in Ravenholm.