Father Grigori shooting at zombies

i thought it came out pretty good

good angle


Seriously looks like an NPC pose to me.

Wait, are those NPCs?

That is it, I am swayed, those are most definitely NPCs.


they arent npcs
what i did is i spawned an npc beside them and then posed them so it pretty much shows you how to pose it

Noob tactics aren’t going to help you.

Well I’m new to posing

That’s not a noob tactic?

I have done that loads of times (with a bit of tweaking, of course, to cover my tracks :D)

For a new pose, this looks pretty good!

Use the SUPER DoF next time.
Make it less boring.
If he is shooting them, I see no one shooting.
Add more into your poses and it’ll be k.

Boring as hell but the posing is quite decent

I can’t use super dof it lags the unholy fuck out of my pc

Than you have to get a better comp or Gimp.

Lags the shit out of mine too.

Then again I haven’t done anything in a couple months, so it might’ve changed.

anyway, if you can blur it with gimp/photoshop.

nice angle, posing looks good
although super DoF would make it better

I like that shotty model.