Father grigory in the forest kills a black people !


Post critisism I MADE THAT ALL MYSELF.

That’s the slowest fucking bullet i’ve ever seen

Its slow motion!

Omg, nice effects, amazing video, have a sub.

ummm is the whole ‘He needs to kill the nigger in the jungle’ thing in your youtube description really… appropriate?

if its slow motion then why did the bullet go slow but rain went same speed.

double u tee f

He aims through the scope with a 100% clear shot but then when the bullet goes that direction, there is bush in the way.

ITT: Your machinima sucks bawls


It’s really just Father Grigori in a map with rain, then you aiming at an NPC’s head, then a bullet with a trail effect behind it moving slowly across the screen, but with a spinning camera…

Very artistic, I rated you a box for your art supplies to go in.

How is this thread still not locked?

this is horrible
it’s like 50 seconds of the camera just zooming around using catmull then you using stupid swep

rated 1