Father Playermodel Please! (FMA)

This is a request for a Playermodel of the Homunculus known as Father, from Fullmetal Alchemist.
In my opinion, Father, is the coolest character in the show, and not only that, the coolest villain ever!

I would really really appericiate it if someone would please make a Playermodel of him for me, and whoever else wants it of course. And perhaps some NPC’s if its not too much trouble.

I don’t think there are any models for him, there are barely ANY FMA mods to date, which is sad, it deserves better. So you’d have to make it custom, preferably someone skilled in making anime models. (Not the big headed wide eyed kind of anime models, the more realistic looking ones.) But anyone skilled at model making would be absolutely fine by me.

Also I’d like to clerify that I am asking for his younger body, the way he looks after he absorbs the Philosopher Stone’s power near the end. (If you’ve seen the show you’ll know what I mean, sorry I cant put a picture up for some reason.)

I’d really really REALLY appriciate if someone could make this for me! I wont want any credit except for the idea of course. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Stop speaking like a woman, using unnecessary punctuations, and unnecessary capitalizations, then we’ll talk about modding. Just get to the point and REQUEST, we don’t need damn back-story. Plus the thread should go here.

Also the idea isn’t yours, it’s from the storyboard director.

Don’t mind Z he’s a massive tool

£10 says facepunch won’t do it.

£10 says ill make it!

If I had any modeling talent