Father protect's his son




I really like your editing style, but you have to work on your isolation (or start isolation if you haven’t already) because most of your characters have weird outlines of light/shadow in a lot of your pictures.

To be honest I think the edit is a little to dark and you need to explain what that person is doing to make the other guy protect his son.

Yeah, i think i will start doing that. Make everything look alot neater, thanks anyway.

Its based on a part from a book called ‘The road’, so it’s kinda for people who have read it.

Good book, except for the whole dialogue stuff which makes it a bit hard to read.
I don’t remember there being any flora though.

That editing style is totally awesome, looks like a painting.

They look more like weeds.

fucking loved the road, knew what it was immediately

you should do the part where they go into the basement of that house :smug:

Not bad

I haven’t read “The Road”, but the pic looks pretty good.

Uhm… good idea sir.

And thanks everyone for the comments.

He looks ugly as HELL

Since the bandit is standing on the left why is the gun barrel pointed to the right?

I guess it happens when you don’t have all the commodities of the world from the time before the shit hit the fan.