Father takes his son out hunting in the morning


First time ever trying out scenebuilding.

Sorry for the intense DoF, I just noticed that.

suddenly bloodsuckers

Nice shot. The only ‘mistakes’ I see are that the buildings walls are sometimes 3D and 2D. (I don’t know the damn word for it :L ). And the posing on father (with the axe I suppose) is a bit naturally off. BUT!
The scenebuilding and such is really great, felt like a map to me.
Here’s a pallete for ya mate.

Suddenly Slender Man

Grass is really patchy.

Wait, is he teaching his son to hunt with a timber axe?

Its a new episode of Tree Hunters

No, He’s teaching his son how to climb a tree to spot prey from farther off undetected.

Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2014. This time the dad gets killed by a tree and the son spends the rest of his life deforesting Brazil.