Hey, if someone can gift me Garry’s Mod, i’ll give you Peggle Nights (before the gift) and a 500 point wii card ($5.00 after the gift.

Just buy Garry’s Mod its not expensive.

You might want to actually make it worth the person’s time. Casual bullshit + Casual bullshit card does not a good deal make.

Why do you have a wii card? Why waste the money? And Peggle! I don’t know where to begin on that one.

Got it with S&P. Paypal is f**ked up with Steam (activate credit card. damn prepaids) and my paypal is deverified. I might buy another and just directly use it with steam though. Still, offer is up.

Still up for deal.

Nobody wants your casual BS. Just buy the game, it’s not that expensive.

He may not have access to a credit/debit card. However if you expect someone to gift it to you then either pray for someone to be generous or up the offer quite a bit more.

Peggle and 500 points together is like $10, so you’d be better off by buying gmod

dude no one needs some peggle everyone has better things to do just buy it
or pray to Garry to make game available as retail version

If you don’t have a credit card then it’s your own responsibility to fix that, find a way around it or accept it.

Go to gift giving thread. now.

Go to the gas station and buy an AmEx gift card if you live in the USA. You can use it to buy things online.

Most people who like Peggle already have it.

Ask your mum or dad to buy the game for you.