Favoring servers with lua?

Is it possible to add servers to your favorites using just lua? Its hard to get people to favorite my server because the process is so tedious so I would like to add a !favorite command so people who like my server can easily favorite it.

Sorry to ask a programming question with no code, I generally don’t just ask people to code things for me but I have no idea where to start with this. Any pointers to get this started would be appreciated.


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If it were possible, all servers would just force themselves to be added everyone’s favorites.

Yeah that makes sense, I wasn’t looking to abuse it but it makes sense that many people probably would.

I just wish it were easier for people to favorite servers.

ha jokes on your, server browser is borken for me anyways

Is it possible to add this option to the escape menu whilst playing on a server?
Lots of players always ask how to add a server to favourites.

The main menu consists of lua and html so it would require a lua function to work which brings you back to the other problem


Oh yeah menustate lua, my bad

Make the favorite function in the menustate lua code, that way servers can’t call it on their clients, but it can be used on the menu.

Just like the workshop functions

they won’t be able to call it because it’s in the menustate

You could do a command or menu button that copies the IP address to clipboard, then maybe a small bit of info on how to fave stuff