Favorite Garrysmod map?

I figure I`ll ask people what their favourite map for Gmod is.

Mine is GM_Bigcity.


So…What`s your favourite Gmod map?



Just a scale reference, the blue block is about six containers high.


Why the hell people like Gm_Cubeland ? That map sucks ! My fav maps would be stock ones :stuck_out_tongue: and Gm_Perfect_Worlds_v2

GM_Bigcity. because its big and has buildings


Same Above =D ^^

The maps I make for myself.
Nah, not really. :slight_smile: I personally love GM_Mobenix. Brilliant when you get over the slowness it sometimes causes.

Then of course, I really like GM_Atomic.
But then I really like GM_Bigcity…Damn, I can’t decide which is my favourite.

Evocity v2

you guys vote for same maps…
i vote for gm_submarine

Gm_Construct :smiley:

hmm tough…
i liked ragdoll slaughter but it got borring when you run out of ideas to do and i liked the mountain village map because theres lots of places to explore on it, maybe my favourite is phys_temple cause its funny to destroy the temple in many ways

The reason why I think that Gm_Bigcity is because its so spacious, but it doesnt make my computer lag like hell when I run the game on max settings. I usually get atleast 40-50 fps on 1024 by 768 res. Which is awsome, because i have a relatively mid-range Nvidia Geforce 8300 Gts.

So many choices. It’s impossible to know. I prefer the different types of Construct (Normal, Gmod 9, Snow and Rain). But then there’s Skylife and Bo(a)tmap. And TF2 Arena maps. ARGH!


I love to build.

There’s something in that well (or whatever the hell that’s supposed to be) that I like messing around with. It’s a huge map too so I can detonate nukes and be on the other side of the map :downs:

gm_wireconstruct_bna. A nice tall sky - and an extensive rail network! :smiley:

My second favourite is sb_wuwgalaxy_fix, though I miss the huge cube under Shakras.


I like the new evocity map. Absolutely awesome looking and roleplay ready, but a few glitch spots.

freespace06 2-1