Favorite Garrysmod.org download

So, what is your favorite download you have gotten from garrysmod.org?

the major packs like phx, adv duplicator, and wiremod dont count…

i personally have always enjoyed

and what is your least favorite?

My favorite would have to be

Least favorite…

gets so annoying

oh yeah advanced fire it makes my game crash if theres to much but i reccomend this http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=29932 its quite good if you want to like use sweps only without needing to search in your weopons the whole time i dont reccomend this http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=25308

I agree. Your Favorite and least favorite I agree I would like and unlike.

Really much, When I once got Advanced fire, I couldn’t see anything spawn… But whenever I go somewhere, I get burned like invisable fire is killing me.

haha, i love anti-no clip

Also, advanced fire works normal for me… i just HATE when things blow up and the flames stay there… forever…

I guess i’d have to say that my favorite download is probably the Half-Life Renaissance pack. My least favorite would have to be the headcrab-kitten replacement, it never works for me, it just stands there.

Gears of War Chainsaw Gun V2.5
Best damn Swep ever

Least Favorite:

Viva La Spartan Kick
Doesn’t even work :stuck_out_tongue:

My favorite download has to be Smart Snap, precise construction is useful!

My least? Any nuke pack, most of the time they’re minge toys for admins.
Example: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=40859

What do you think your favorite map addon is?


how does a different mirror effect the download or map?

I’d say gm_hugehalfflatgrass, it’s basically gm_flatgrass but with water.

They’re there if you can’t download from one or two of them, you’d be out of luck if all three are down.

Always seems to work for me :expressionless:

Maybe you installed it wrong?

yeah anti noclip is good with a lot but advanced fire just first gives me lag when i look at it and the when it spreads all over the place and crashses my game its so stupid
oh yeah and anti noclip is good for rp in sandbox

yeh, recently i had the advanced fire stool up, and when i went to the bathroom my brother changed it a bit so when the cans blew up, they would create a spreading fire… lagged me out… i ended up deleting the file…

Falcon pawnch

Is that a swep? give me a link :open_mouth:


This is my favourite but it’s in three parts.


I think it’s a mod interfearing with another mod, i dunno

Cars, Cars and more Cars! Especially that if I got his name, right DarkManJacob got what you could almost say a working Vmod again.


I don’t know if that counts, it is just a pack… the guy most likely did not make them all

My favorite would have to be Kermite’s realistic weapons pack.

My all time favourit would have to be the stargate. Because it is a clasic for gmod and alot of servers have it. Plus it was my first ever download.

My least favourit module manipulatore. It is a fun swep but kinda usless after 2 minutes.