Favorite NPC battle map?

One of mine is gm_flatdesert_military_base

Can’t remember any more right now :confused:
BTW, know any good forts for NPC fights?



A map i’m making for a gamemode :v:
(still in progress and fully noded)

Pretty much all displacments XD


[quote=“MrClean, post:4, topic:39803”]

That map makes me want to start mapping again.

Mapping makes me want to try to map a map to help my mapping ability to make maps grow stronger.

I’m making a map that allows movement of all NPCs, including striders, dropships, etc. you can press a button to summon a strider carrying dropship and more. XD I probably won’t release though, as it probably won’t get much attention. I prefer Construct for my NPC battles. :slight_smile:

That map makes me want to learn how to map

What is it about those dev textures that are so awsome? :3:

its not really that hard, i myself, am making a map for css right now.
http://www.fpsbanana.com/wips/35594 if you want to see it…

it keeps stuff textured untill you find the texture you want.

Except a lot of the time the maps are released solely in dev textures. The only time I like them is in Gun Game.

Also, I like rp_salvation or the white forest hills RP map for NPC battles.

fort I made, dupe broke all of the sliders i used though.

I like Bigcity, it has AI nodes and a nice big urban environment for epic battles, but it tends to get laggy with over 200 NPCs because of the amount of buildings in the map.

If you want to check it out, here’s the URL,


It has a forest area, bunker, and a central base, making for great attack/defend wars.

Any zombie Survival map that has Zombie NPCs, particularily the ones with only Fast ones, since it’s no longer just some Citizens on a roof sniping zedheads, it’s Citizens being molested by some zedheads that just leaped up there. Even better on onslaught maps.

It’s the whole two-color basic color scheme thing, it’s artistic, kind of like Mirror’s Edge.

I love how he completely manages to sidestep all questions about WHAT FUCKING MAP HE USED.

Does anyone here know what map that is, because I FUCKING WANT!!!