Favorite point of rust survival?

What is your favorite point in time for when you are surviving? I like it where i have something to lose. I like it where i have a small 1x2 base maybe 2-3 stories high. And i have a revolver pipe shottie and a bow. Maybe an mp5 or a 9mm. My armor is probably half leather half cloth. I think that full kev and m4 is kinda boring. Running around wrecking anybody. What about you guys?

Looting the all day and being totally scared about every strange step sound.

Its cool to wait near their doors with shotgun like Uma Turman waited for
Budd in Kill Bill )))) Also they reveal many secrets as they talk in micro a lot.
This makes the game similar to thief im playin now. I like this much.

i like a good firefight. whether i win or loose doesnt matter. its the heart pumping moments when its you against someone else. its even better when its 2 clans against each other. currently the server i play on was freshly wiped on the 28th. As far as i know nobody has gotten explosives yet. there are two large clans on the server, mine and one other. we have 2-3 good firefights a day. and the few airdrops that have come in have been a ton of fun. i think the best part of the game is having everything…and being on the verge of loosing it all.

I really love it when a healthy pop server gets “invaded” by a group of 5 elitists need-to-get-a-life GrindKosRaiders, destroys everyone and stealing everything within less than 8 hours and the next two days the server’s player indicator shows 5/50 all day, with 5 being these jerks.

Everyone left the server and the dicks are left alone.

Saw this happened once. That day I knew God existed.

i have a 3x3x15 base right now and i just love building giant bases in rust im still going higher.

Living in the boonies in a 1x1 shack crafting C4 so I can go blow up all the jerks on the server :slight_smile: