Favorite Props/Decorations??

My favorite are these kinds, the dead bodies. I need more like this if you know of any that I could search up in my search bar in game that’d be great-I’m planning a machinima and I’m going to need a dead people, massacre feel. So, more like this? Any searches that will turn up dead bodies and things that I can use to create a dead-ish atmosphere? I already know to type in “dead” to bring up all the l4d ones,like the ones pictured here, but are there any others? Oh-I also know of the CS:S train map dead security guard one, so I’m just wondering if there are any more like these, and if they exist, what to type in to find them.



…While I’m at it, I might as well ask, where would I find that blood effect that is trailing the bodies in the above pictures? I’ve seen it so many times in Gmod and CS:S and need to know how to place it.

Please help, and post your favorite creepy/massacre/dead-stuff gmod things and what to type to spawn them, please!
Thank you.

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Also, where might I find a L4D content pack?
I can only find them for L4D2 and I need the models for L4D.
Sorry if this is a dumb question.

look for a zombie pack called “zombie snpcs” on the workshop by dr.vrej. they are npcs but they come with models too.

Consider enabling anti-aliasing.

Have it, thanks.
I just want preposed dead folk, like the ones in the pictures.
I figured out how to spawn these ones.
Have any idea what that blood decal could be found under?

Use the paint tool and just spray the decal.

The only blood decal I can ever find is the standard blood spray. I can’t get these big smears/streaks like in the picture