Favorite Server/Gamemode

Im opening this tread to people come and submit they favorite server or gamemode

Mines all the garrysmod.org official servers : D

Sassilisation I Like, deathrun mostly.

Although I do love a bit of Zombie Survival over at, Galaxy of Gaming server.

ECG Trouble in Terrorist Town

Phase Four

BDB Stranded :v:

I have 3 favorites.

Noxiousnet zombie survival


Blackops deathrun server.

TAG Trouble in Terrorist Town

[SN1PE] BuildRP - DarkRP

I am biased, but I love Zombie Survival as well over at GalaxyOfGaming

Floodmod (Edited of course) http://cache.www.gametracker.com/server_info/

Chillzone: Zombie Survival
DNR (Dinosaurs! Ninjas! Robots!): TTT
Mogz!: TTT

Some of the best admins and users out there

GangwarsRP. Have played it for 10 months now never get bored. Level your character gain alot of money. Craft your weapons. Upgrade your weapons upgrades, force and accuracy. And more.

reactor can you submit the server IP?

PlanetWCA RPDM Basewars

It’s DarkRP turned Deathmatch, with people building forts off in the far reaches of the map and hoarding guns and drugs and bombs to destroy each other with. Supposedly a big update to the gamemode is coming soon.

A few servers, most notably LmaoLlama Basewars and 1942 Basewars, use an older leaked version of their script that’s a bit buggy.

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www.g4p.org Fight to Survive - Stronghold Beta

A little bit like PlanetWCA, but much faster paced. It’s round-based and the maps are a lot smaller. You have recharging health, but you die very quickly. You earn money by killing people and destroying their props rather than with DarkRP items. Instead of a physgun you have a “prop placer” tool, and props are destructible. You can even destroy them by plinking away at them with a pistol if you have the patience and can somehow survive that long.

The Sassilization Deathrun server.

I don’t understand why everyone loves Deathrun so much, I don’t get what’s so special about it. I find it boring.

I find sassilization boring.

Sassilization bunnyhop, I used to play that a lot :v:

whats this sassilization anyways? revolutionary rp?

it’s kinda like Fretta I think. it’s a server with a bunch of different gamemodes