Favorite Server

What’s your favorite server and why?

Huge community driven vanilla servers. Interactive experience at its finest! Main reasoning: administrated servers = the feeling of security vs cheaters, and being part of a healthy community within the server.

would pretty much break the “no advertising rule” unless people were really careful with their wording.

Ill just say i prefer Vanilla servers.

Low pop, small map, vanilla.

Subject to change.

Whoops! Didn’t realize there was a policy against advertising specific servers. My bad. I will settle on ‘type of server’ and reason why. I feel as though I lean to vanilla servers also. I also enjoy mid pop (30-50) on a large map (5k).

I like to stress people thats why i love Vanilla

vanilla most of the time, though occasionally i’ll play on a boosted gather server when i don’t have much time. i’m playing to test out shit, and have fun. once in a blue moon i’ll play a heavily modded server to play rust “without playing rust”

I usually find a server with higher density of resources to make up for resource finding, so everything else is legit, but that.

At this point I really like the prerelease, just because they have the XP system. I am really happy with the XP system and I would love to see it’s implemented into the current Rust.
Also I love servers with low pop (10-50), but with the possibility to have like 200-250. That’s just because I get too much lagg when someone else is near me. Nevertheless I like the feeling of being cautious when I’m playing. I never check how much people are playing, but if it is possible that 200 people are playing you really have to be cautious.

And the map size: I prefer big ones! That makes it easier for me to not get lagg-killed by my terrible internet connection (because no one is near and causing my internet to go to sleep). And secondly it gives me a nice spot to build outside the rush. I prefer playing solo so that will give me a slight advantage against clans that are more placed in the dense areas.

First I liked the modded servers above all. It was a hard time farming with 10 wood a time, while modded servers gave like 50. But that was just to get into the game. Now I know how everything works and is vanilla the way to go. Nevertheless I still really like the level system of the modded server (I do not mean the XP system). The higher level your woodcutting is, the more wood you get.

we play on a server called Woodbury, in the modded server list…has some awesome features and the admins kick ass over there…its a newer server and their peak times are usually around 30 to 40. Cool thing is they offer VIP kits if you bring friends. Come check it out.

I’m gonna say this:
I like Vanilla, hate modded (Getting raided one day after the wipe is not my thing.)
I like high-pop servers (300-400 maybe more if possible)
ofc I like big maps for a lot of players. (6k for like 600 players or so.)

I currently enjoy playing on a medieval roleplay server. Great fun players around there.

Seems vanilla is a popular choice. I played a bit in the pre-release for a while when I starting playing (January) because the xp system sounded interesting, but since upgrading my system I can run on better settings so I’ve been playing more vanilla and enjoying the survival challenge aspect of the game. I’m just starting to get a little better with stealth and moving with the terrain and it helps a ton because solo most of the time.

I’d love to jump into a good roleplay server because it seems like a great game for it if you have the right crowd. Unfortunately I don’t really have the time I’d want to put into that, fun as that could be. I just live vicariously through YouTube videos of people making fun stories in the Rust world.