"Favorite Servers" Tab

I understand that there is a Star icon you can click to make it favorite, however I think that it would be beneficial to users as well as server owners/admins if there were a favorite servers tab. I personally get increasingly frustrated trying to find servers again.
Just an idea =3

I hear you. I would also just love to be able to delete servers from your history.

Your favourite servers appear at the top of the server list. Why do you feel like you need them in a separate tab to be able to find them?

That is a nice idea too. I have been joining servers trying to find one I like, my list grows…

I feel like I need them in a separate tab because I think that it would clean up the servers list, and just recently I didn’t see the server I usually play on, but tried net.connect and was able to connect. I did try refreshing.

If the server doesn’t appear at the top of the list it wouldn’t appear on a favourite tab either :frowning:

Any word on deleting servers from history for the servers that died/dont wish to play on? i know its unimportant im just curious.