favorite spacebuild moments?

This is a thread for people to post their favorite moments from a great, but sadly underplayed gamemode called spacebuild.

first post.

Me and a friend made some fighters and decided to wait outside the spawn planet and attack whoever left the atmosphere. We waited about a minute, and suddenly a warship ten times the size of our ships cruises out of the planet, stops, deploys a huge blue Stargate Shield, and begins to slowly fly towards us. We thought we were buggered, but abruptly the shield shut down, the warship spun out of control, and the guy inside started yelling about how the shield had eaten all his energy and his Gyropod and weapons had no power. Me and my friend proceeded to fill him with lasers while he frantically tried to get some power back into his batteries as his ship spun like a top.

Back when I had a full 28 slot Spacebuild2 server a few years ago and decided to nuke everyone at the same time on every planet.

when spacebuild3 didn’t exist

Never play it, SB2 is 1000 times better

Well… Once upon a time… A guy made a GARGANTUAN sized starship.
It was bigger than anything ever seen before. Me and my friend were like… The guys in a movie… Like “time to save humanity!” So we built two nice starfighters, and took the Gargantuan head on.
It was a glorious battle, we almost got torn apart by it’s massive cannons in the first minute, but we managed to plant a nuke in it’s center. Then we flied off, and as it exploded, the explosion took the one last starfighter’s half, leaving the cockpit and some of the sip’s parts for us to fly, which we were unable to do after that, so we crashed on a nearby planet. We looked back to the sky, and the pieces of the great mutha-fcker were literally raining down.

If anyone had seen the end of “Independece Day” then you know what i mean.

I had a good friend of mine play spacebuild (2 I think) with me a lot. Usually we would make ships and barely travel outside the spawn planet.

At any rate he would make a fusion nuke at the spawn planet using 8 fusion generators put together, making them unstable.

Was great

My favorite moments are shortly after I’ve made it into space, I park my ship, and walk around inside. Just that serene silence, knowing that the only thing between me and space is a few props, the view.
It helps that I usually design ships with somewhat sensible interiors to walk around in.

Heh, I used to do that all the time with my shuttle when I first began Spacebuild. Makes you wonder why so many Spacebuilders only give their ships a bridge and nothing else.