Favorite thing about rust?

What is everybody’s favorite thing about rust?

My favorite part is just the concept itself, I really do enjoy the survival aspect of the game :slight_smile:

Watching how many people want to get a Rust key. I personally don’t, so it’s fun to watch others.


My favorite part is the amount of drama and 12 year olds running Vista and IE posting a damn link to their harddrive.

I also love how whenever an actual proper member and someone in the community posts something negative about the stupidity of Rust and the incoming alpha key members he gets rated dumb by those ~12 year olds.

How to fix this?
Close this sub forum, make registrations invite only again, get rid of the remaining retards.

Not having it is my favorite thing. I get more free time.

I’d give you a list of great things if I were to play it XD

I have an account and I’ve played it for 30 minutes. xDXDXD LOL ROFLMAO

Favorite part was actually finding these forums, I like it here. Most boards I’ve gone to suck but these are really nice.

Don’t mind me guys, I still love you all equally in a completely homosexual way.

are you saying that the rust board is one of the better Facepunch boards? wow…

No, I’ve been around most of the facepunch forums and I can say for sure the Rust boards are probably some of the worst… if not the worst overall.

I was referring to facepunch as a whole originally.

I love knowing that I registered an account back when any code worked, I used SEX-CUM
And now seeing everyone wanting keys, yet I still don’t really want to play the thing.

I like the guy above me because he’s probably one of the only guys who originally signed up for rust that I can stand. He (seems) to follow the rules, puts effort into his post, and is very fruity.

The rest of them are pretty upsetting.

(I didn’t mean Lua, I meant the guy above him…Lua is great too tho!!!)

I like you Suttles, you should PM me about your Flies Fetish. I’m very interested :wink: