favorite thing to do with ep2 content

what is your favorite thing to do in garrys mod with ep2 content? i just bought ep2, and its time to have some fun >:)

my favorite thing to do is join some basic build server somewhere with a lot of noobs, then drive around in a jalopy and laugh at them when they complain and bitch about not seeing it.

I like to play on the campaign and mess around on it if that’s what you’re asking.


What the fuck is the point of this thread?

To tell everyone that he just bought episode 2.

And now we know, lol

Magnusson sexposes.

I like to rape EP2 Alyx in her wound virtually.

I go onto spacebuild servers, land on asteroids, and create space-forests and space-campgrounds with the ep2 trees. It makes me smile inside whenever someone asks “WHY are there TREES growing in SPACE!? *head explodes”

Play gmod

flecheete gun to the ass

spam explosive canisters in RP servers that dont disable them.

make cool poses

Look at Error signs.

best EP 2 content ever.

I brought EP2 mainly for the NPCs and flechette gun.

Tortue magnusson for revenge for making me go down into the tunnels in the base and fight large groups of combine

Torture people who don’t have it by saying:

“Whoa This Prop is so awesome, look they have awesome stuff in here!”

Then when they buy it, they realize they’ve been Gypped :smug:

yes! i has created a thread with more that 2 posts!

i now like welding trees to the jalopy and propkilling people with a moving forest.

The hunter wound?

I think we should leave some things unknown :smug: