Favorite Way to Play Rust

Just a little experiment, what is your favorite way to play rust?

i dont play rust

Branston Pickle. Total Cinderella story.

My favorite way to play Rust is by selecting “play game” from the Steam Menu. I personally use a Keyboard and a Mouse while sitting in a chair. Not only am I old fashioned, but I don’t have the disposable income for “move the mouse with your thoughts” mind link controllers and hover sofas made from silver marmot fur.

But they’re all the rage right now

i tend to die a lot. is that a play style?

yes, its called the 'hey are you friendly?" style

I have a play style I like to call ‘the wolfpack’, we are a group of experienced lonewolf’s. Got oure own bases and farm a lone. But when it comes to raiding or a gunfight we call in the packt.

I just cringed IRL.

Well, I have a huge guild from another game. If they’re interested in playing at the time we just go full meth head and build massive skyscrapers for fame and glory. Otherwise I just practice on low pop servers to keep up with changes.

Imagine if players could make banners/flags or insignias. If I built a small base and a couple days later saw a base near by with a wolf banner above it, I would be scared 0_o

As for my own play style…I guess you could say I am a scavenger/sneaky farmer/and good Samaritan.

While I mostly farm, I also check fallen backpacks and even check campfires. Yes, mostly only find torches and band-aids, but I sometimes find some really good stuff. Even if the backpacks only have a rock and a torch, I empty it so that I and other players will not need to check it.

Usually, I play it safe, avoid the really populated and density resource areas (those two usually go hand-in-hand).

Lastly, I have been called a “good Samaritan.” After I get killed, I ask if the player who killed me left anything. If he/she did, I usually go back and get what I can and thank them. While I am cautious around naked players (I have gotten killed by a few naked shotguns), I usually give them some wood, food, or something else. Hell, I sometimes give extra blue prints if I have them.