Favourite activity when in single player

Mine is killing lots of Hannah montana hostiles wielding weapons. Gives you a shitload of ammo. Looks cool when you kill them with an RPG. Bodies and weapons strewn across the map. Nice.
Exploring maps.

I once tried making a hover car from a jalopy, several thrusters, and a few hoverballs. it worked…kinda. Thank god I had godmode on.

So, what do you like doing in single player mode?

When I play singleplayer, I check ToyBox for cool things. Then play with them for a little (while).

I agree with supervoltage. I also like to do the occasional rube goldberg machine with anything i can find in the spawn menu.

I line up a bunch of npcs (any kind) and then I shoot them all in the head one by one.
Has to be on top of a building though.

I usually make contraptions.


No, really i usually make dupes or e2’s i intend to use on servers.

Vortigont and Alyx sex scenes.

This. I also gather random addons I find on FP to use next time I load up Gmod. I also mess around with Wire, since any time I try in multiplayer (even with just friends); my stuff ends up being destroyed, or the server crashes.

I like to spend time making backgrounds and poses in single player.

I try to make something, then get distracted and forget about it. :frowning:

Killing alex over and over and over and over.

NPC wars

I code

Battling masses of NPCs in a jeep.

Mess around with ragdolls.

Just messing with everything.
Whatever I feel like.

Coming up with new ways to brutaly kill my friends in MP

Blow shit up

Put NPCs everywhere and go on a killing spree with a thruster-spammed jeep :smug:

I just love messing around with ToyBox, shooting Portals in a Half-Life 1 level (also DL’ed from ToyBox) and:

Speaking of Hanna Montanna and Toybox, has anyone also gotten that


“Justin Bieber” dubbed Toybox Download yet? I don’t see how that is even possible, if the model file is in fact from the leaked Half-Life 2, how would they known about that dude all the way back in 2003 or something?