Favourite Console Commands?

In GMod, you can do almost anything, so why not?
Please, don’t do anything generic like “god” or “noclip” or “sv_cheats 1”.
Anyway, my favourite command would probably be

host_timescale 0.1

because slow-motion is fun.


sv_allowcslua 1


Its a beautiful command

quit smoking

Nice favorite of mine. Also an old gag :dance:

ulx cexec cookingboy3 "say I smell bad"

emotional pain inflicted now crying and burning house down


cl_first_person_uses_world_model 1

It has no use in gmod, its just fun to type

kill yourself

Somehow I used to be able to use the kill command on other people om servers where I had no admin.
Good times, good times.

ulx ban

ent_create player

dude trust me it creates local co-op!!!

I think you mean ulx ban *

[lua]lua_run player.GetByID(1):ConCommand("_restart")[/lua]

I can’t believe that quit it’s blocked but not _restart that crash your game…

There are so many ways of crashing the game that it’d be amusing to watch somebody try to stop it.

Yeah, but _restart it’s intentionally created for close and restart the game (And by some reason doesn’t work on gmod)

Full CoderHire servers/pay2win servers/admin under 10 servers


if just it worked c:

host_timescale 83

Because my computer can handle it. Sort of.

host_timescale -1