Fazole: The Bean Shaped HL2:DM Map


As I’ve stated earlier in another thread, this map focuses on gameplay and movement around the environment. It also had to be less than a megabyte.
The color scheme via color-correction is merely for visual identity. I want people to be testing the map and giving feedback so I can improve it.
When I get confident enough I will make a final version. Right now the file is at 758kb, so there’s room to add in extra content if need be.
I’ve been trying to add outlines to the shapes via material parameters, but I don’t think I can do that myself, personally, I think it looks fine ingame as is.
It handles 13 players at the same time, but it plays optimally at 5-8 players. It’s very tight.

More pics:


http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1707143/Releases/dm_mess/dm_fazole_test04.zip <-Current

I’ve always loved maps that use shades rather than textures.

The map looks really good, I’d like to see how it is in a match.

You never fail to amaze me, Mr. Chop.

looks sweet man, great job!

this is beautiful

I wonder how the lighting would look if the lightmap scales were higher.

what’s the lightmap scale? 2?

doesn’t that mean it would be really sharp

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it looks like 128 or higher to me

I love the name.

I’m loving this simplistic design.

stupid question, but I assume it doesn’t work properly?

What do you mean when you say “doesn’t work properly?”

No shading. every thing is flat, dull gray.

Uh no, everything is intentional. It has a high lightmap scale so the filesize is minimal, and everything is flat for the same reason. It starts out grey when the map first loads, but the color bleeds in over a minute.

you sure?


Doesn’t look like the preview.

Do you have color correction enabled?


That’s odd, I’ve never had a tester have that problem. Everything should be packed in the map correctly, I’ve just renamed my material folder and loaded the maps without it.

Ah well, I guess if I’m the only one who’s had this problem, its probably on my side and not your fault. I just admire the previews then.

Looks like someone forgot to upload the “raw” file for the color correction.