[FB] PVP Sleepers (Noob Friendly)

Hey there~ We have a dedicated server for fun Rust!

We tried to do Noob friendly, just didn’t work.

Now we’re trying out a little something different. Full PVP. No complaints, no whining, or you’ll get the ban hammer. Everything goes.

Hit F1 in game and and type net.connect

Crafting Speed is cut in half!
crafting.timescale “0.50”

Days are slightly longer while nights are slightly shorter!
env.timescale “0.0055555555” Longer Day/Night
default is “0.0066666667”

Airdrops will always happen!
airdrop.min_players “0”

More zombie loot!
Quicker Gather respawn!
Active admins.
We’ll be doing some random events too when we see that there’s a decent amount of players on the server. Expect lots of fun here at [FB] Rust!

Good group of guys from what i saw, stuck to their word of noob friendly, helped me out when i was naked.

Hey, thanks buddy! I remember you, hope you’re doing well in Rust!

You’ll have to come check out the colosseum later, or maybe enter into a fight!

Nice work on the colosseum, I’m looking forward to some bloodsports. More players welcome!

Thank you. Colosseum is definitely fun! Though we’ve only done 1v1 so far, I’d like to do more and team battles and such.

Nothing like some good old PvP. Bring your friends and your game face.

Hell yeah, good ol raidin and killin. Glad to have you, Vapour.


Bumpin cause these guys are dope to play with. Much more fun as a pvp server.

Could use some more players though, so join up everyone!