FBX file to MDL?

Yes, I’m converting a Unity model.

I have an FBX file along with two PNG files, I was wondering on how I can pack those files into an MDL file on a Linux Distro.

I can’t show the FBX file due to there not being a model viewer I currently have. However, I will host a download on mediafire.




…Yes, I’m using things from Yandere Simulator.

FBX can generally be imported into most modeling programs these days including the two preferred on Facepunch: Blender and 3ds max. What you use is mostly personal preference.

Once you have the file imported, you’ll probably need to rig it to the Valve skeleton if this is meant to be a playermodel or NPC. If it’s going to be a ragdoll then the current skeleton (f it’s preserved) can be kept so long as it doesn’t exceed 128 bones (256 for SFM).

Once rigged, export the SMD file and build your QC. I’ve left my own QC you can build off of here. If you’re compiling for SFM, you can use the SFM compiler. If you’re compiling for GMod, I’d reccomend using Source SDK Base 2013’s compiler. If you want a GUI for compiling then you can use Crowbar or GUIStudioMdl however please do not confuse these as actual compilers as they just add a GUI to StudioMdl.