FC Fallout Roleplay Modeler Opening

Hello, I am sky2oo7, and I am here to make an offer to the modeling community for any of those that feel up to the challenge. I am one of two owners for a Fallout Roleplay that is doing quite successful and has developers that are a part of the community that are skilled in many areas except for modeling(Well, we have one but he is on an extended break). If anyone is skilled enough and is willing to step up to this task(keep in mind the first of which is to make female NCR models), please contact me via this thread or on steam at [FC]sky2oo7. If you don’t know everything, that is fine, I’m sure we could find another man to finish up the animations if you lacked in that area(though animating skills are preferred). Even if you don’t wish to join the staff it may be discussed for work with us, and terms and services are negotiable. I thank you for taking your time to read this, and here is a link to our forums if you wish to visit: http://fallencrusaders.freeforums.org/index.php?sid=31eddd40fdcd8c89aceaa576c298ad40

Bump? There are great benefits, and deals are negotiable, we are even willing to just pay for some work if you don’t wish to join us.