FC3: Blood Dragon - Omega Force dudes?

If anyone can hook me up with those guys ported to Garry’s Mod, that would be gnarly!
And with working lamp shadows.


http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=237651444 ?

I need to stop being descriptive when I search for shit on the workshop, thanks!

those are pretty bad and use darkened textures, i would wait for my version that will include all varients.

im also doing FC3 and bd weapons

might as well use whats released, because it will probably be another 2 years until you release them

-RIP automerge-

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good things happen to those who wait patiently.

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see you in 10 years

yeah i dont think waiting for your laziness is really worth waiting for without placeholders.

Fuck it, why not make it 20 years? Perfect! :stuck_out_tongue:

whats lazy about it?, that im not putting my full attention on that project?

do you even put full attention to any of your projects?

i have to many that i need to work on one at a time lol

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FC3 weapons, revamped *****, some cod stuff, random model hacks

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MOHWF pistols

As hard as it can be, patience can pay off.