I have this at the start of my init.lua for my gamemode.

CreateConVar(“gms_PVPTIME”, “5”, FCVAR_REPLICATED)

When I try calling it clientside I get this:

] lua_run_cl print(GetConVar(“gms_PVPTIME”))

] lua_run_cl print(GetConVarNumber(“gms_PVPTIME”))

How can I make the convar be read in clientside?


I just fixed it:
Added CreateConVar(“gms_pvptime”, “5”,FCVAR_REPLICATED) to the cl_init.lua

] lua_run_cl print(GetConVarNumber(“gms_PVPTIME”))
] gms_pvptime 0
Can’t change replicated ConVar gms_pvptime from console of client, only server operator can change its value